7 March 2017

The Coko Bridge Project


19 February 2017

Topshop Unique February 2017

London Fashion Week
Topshop Unique
Tate Modern

I previously had no intentions of going anywhere near London Fashion Week this season. After travelling through eleven time zones last week, I knew I would be overcome with tiredness (thanks jetlag). But when my instagram feed became flooded with LFW photos, I got a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). So today I ventured to the Tate Modern to check out the style outside the Topshop Unique show. 


21 January 2017

The Five Year Anniversary


1 January 2017

Best of 2016

Twenty-sixteen was a rollarcoaster of ups and downs. It was a year of travel, adventures and life lessons. 

This series of photographs is a condensed version of the past twelve months.

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