1 November 2015


Halloween is over. 
It's the first of November
And it's finally time to think about Christmas

I love Christmas.
Lights, decorations, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, and Harry Potter films.

And of course the presents. I love unwrapping them. And I also love giving them. My Mum & Sister are easy to buy for. If I like it, they'll like it. But my Dad and my brother are an entirely different story. I mean, there are only so many books, woolly socks and aftershave you can give them. That's where SWIG comes in. 

The luxury hip flask brand, based in London, was founded for that very reason - the difficult task of finding good gifts for guys. 

One glance at their website and I knew immediately which one I would choose. The beautiful, shiny SWIG 'Naked' Hip Flask. It's so beautiful. And the quality is impeccable. I can't stop looking at it.


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  1. great minimalistic design


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