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2 April 2014

Weekend In Pictures #016

I spent the weekend exploring East London with friends. The weather almost fooled me into thinking it was summer. Eating lunch outdoors at Boxpark, wardering through the Brick Lane Markets, chilling out at the park, photographing street art and pushing my way through the crowds at Columbia Road Flower Markets - what more could you want from the weekend. Ok maybe not the croweds part. Half of London and their mothers convened upon the Columbia Road Flower Market in search of those all important Mother's Day flowers. As my Mum is back home in Ireland, I sent her a card. Quite a good card - "Congratulations! I turned out Amazing" was scrawled across the front. We appreciate a good funny or ironic card in our house.


  1. Love the colorful walls, seems like such an amazing and full of happy vibes place! Amazing pictures x

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  2. These pictures are unreal! The colours are amazing!! Hahahaha and I do love a good ironic card too ;)


  3. Fantastic photos! I'd love to visit London sometime! :) X

  4. Thank you for voting :) your pictures are amazing and so is your style, nomination done...Good Luck! xxxx

  5. Hey Aishling, looks like your getting on great! You're photos are amazing! I have to ask what camera do you use? And do you use a lens with it? Hope all is well! :)

    Laura. xxx

  6. Your pictures are so good! Also love your recent outfit post!

    Lily x

  7. Fantastic pictures holy crap! x