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24 February 2014

Weekend In Pictures #15

A few snaps from the weekend.

My friends were in London for a quick visit. Saturday involved watching a tense rugby match (Ireland v England in the 6 nations FYI) followed by a night on the town. We spent the majority of the night on the dancefloor in The Roxy. The DJ was on top form - although the bar staff gave me the strangest looks when I tried to order a Southern Comfort & Lime.

Sunday was spent wandering around Notting Hill/Portobello Rd in search of good food. Which we didn't find. Although we did stumble across the Notting Hill Bookshop. Of course I had never seen the film and didn't understand the excitement. On my way home to watch said film, I stopped by Box Park so see my photo in their Instagram Gallery. Now that is something to get excited about.


  1. Such beautiful snaps! I'd love to wander around Notting Hill some time. <3

    Tara x

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  3. So colourful! Love it! :) X

  4. looks like you had such a fun weekend in LDN! gorgeous pics! X

  5. I love the photos and also the houses in Notting Hill :)

  6. gorgeous shots! i bet you had an awesome weekend <3

    Letters To Juliet