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11 November 2013


 Top - Zara
Leather Jacket - Zara
Lipstick - #107 Kate Moss for Rimmel

My beloved Topshop leather jacket has passed its expiry date. I have worn that jacket almost everyday since I found it hiding under the Christmas tree a couple of years ago [Thanks to the brother]. But at this stage, it would put me to shame. It's falling apart. And that's where this Zara beauty comes in. I tried on a leather jacket in River Island which I liked but didn't love. Figured I go for a quick gander in Zara. I couldn't walk out of the shop without this perfect leather jacket [or the cut-out boots, tartan blazer and leopard print tee].


  1. Omg it's Gorgeous !!! I love mine, I'd prob sleep in it if I could!

  2. LOVE it! Such a staple piece.
    Love the distressed texture of the leather.

  3. I love this jkt on the hunt for a new leather piece myself.