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1 April 2013

Month in Pictures #004

Neon Penneys/Primark Necklace, Dad's AMAZING Chocolate Cake, Selfie, Topshop studded bracelets, White nails, Jewellery, Sunshine, Glitter Modelsown Nails, Beautiful Day, Geometric Nails, Ombre hair, Topshop Statement Necklace, Conference Centre Dublin, Topshop Jacket, Samuel Beckett Bridge, New Silver Penneys/Primark Necklace, Zara Necklace, Surprise Lindt Easter Egg, Getting the gladrags on, Happy Easter =)

I don't know about you but I'll be happy to avoid Chocolate for the week. That Lindt egg was pretty indulgent! Thanks Mam! I hope you all had a good Easter Weekend. I just remembered, Lent is over which means I can go back to being indecisive ;)


  1. Loving your statement necklaces!

    Fiona xo

  2. I'd die for your jewellery collection! I hope you had a nice Easter!! xx

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