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13 August 2012

July Haul

Belt - Vintage Desire Paris
Nail Polish - America Apparel
Earrings - H&M
Collar - Diwali Paris
Hair Pins - Chez Nana Paris
Rings - Chez Nana Paris 
Earrings - Chez Nana Paris

I am a self-confessed Jewellery Magpie!  I'm sure this comes as no surprise if you've been following my blog. My favourite Jewellery shop EVERRRRRRRRR closed for August so I went in on the last day and raided the place! Its called Chez Nana and is near Bonne Nouvelle in Paris. Which reminds me - the "house" from Taken where the girls are drugged and trained by their Albanian captors is down the street from where I work! So random! Good thing its only a movie...

Which in turn reminds me that this time last year I was in Las Vegas!

Myself & the girls before out Hangover III adventures began!


  1. Love that nail polish! Gorgeous jewelery to!

  2. Hangover III It was a wild one so!:) I have to say I really like your gold collar fab! and your turquoise and silver earrings, I love anything blue x