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8 August 2012

Current Craze #002

All Jeffery Campbell @ Office 
1,  23
All Topshop 1,  23
All Topshop 1, 2, 3
Topshop 1,  2
Office 34

College is only a few short weeks away  - which has got me thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe (Boy will I miss sunny Paris) and of course what does every Irish girl need for trekking through the poodles & floods in college every day?! Wellies!!

I joke. Topshop's Studded Alvin boots are exactly what I have in mind. They bare more than a passing resemblance to the famous Chloe Susan boots - Office's version are actually spot on! They would fool anyone into thinking they cost an arm and a leg!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. . . 

What's on your boot wishlist for Autumn?


  1. Wouldn't mind to have them all! Esp the jeffrey c trio :')
    Glad you liked it, I couldn't get persepx so I bought thick foil at easons and it worked just fine :)

  2. I'm love with anything jefferys at the moment :) Congrats on you nomination for blog awards and Good luck xx

  3. thanks for responding to my comment on your blog! Your so sweet-I'm following you via gfc now as well and am looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful outfits! btw, your taste in shoes is impeccable. Really, this shoe collage couldn't get any better.

  4. Love these boots, they're definitely a must for winter! Go for the Topshop Office #4 boots, they'll spice up any outfit!
    R xo