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18 July 2012

DIY # 002

 I ordered the studs of ebay AGESSSSSSSSSSSSS ago and couldn't decide what to do with them - that is until I spotted this denim jacket thing in a Vintage store in Abessess [It was a right bargain at €10] 

Its inspired by all the studded denim the style doppelgangers, Rihanna & Rita Ora, have recently been wearing. So I finally got myself abit of the studded denim action. Apparently - its very "not me" but is in fact quite cool - perfect for toughening up girlie dresses.  

And yes I did in fact rule out and mark where I was putting the studs. . . 
 I am an Engineer after all - and I like straight lines =P


  1. This looks great:) I want to stud my new leather jacket. If you could tell me what seller you got your studs from that would be great:)
    Thanks x

  2. Looks gorgeous. where did you get your studs from? cant find decent ones anywhere.

  3. Love this! I have an old Oasis denim jacket I wanted to cut the sleeves off and do some studding. It looks great and makes total sense to map out where to put the studs first. I would have made a total mess of it :) thanks for the tip!

  4. i love this post! i just discovered your blog, and i love it! i'm following you on bloglovin now! :)

  5. Love this outfit! :) xx