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5 June 2012


Dress - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Ruby & Riley
Earrings - Chez Nana Paris

Royal blue and opulent jewellery - I swear I wasn't inspired by the Queen's Jubilee! =P I got this AMAZING gold and beaded tribal necklace from a cool Australian website Ruby & Riley which was set up this year by fellow-blogger and Irish girl Joanne (check out here blog JimmiLou here). I couldn't resist this gorgeous necklace (and the free shipping). I also bought a cool skull print scarf which you will be seeing soon if this silly wintry weather continues. 

I took a break away from computer and calculator today and tired my hand at model making! I've been given the job of building a 3D scale model of a structure in Paris. I have all the parts cut out and ready for action - didn't manage to slice any fingers in the process! Success! So hopefully it all comes together tomorrow. . .


  1. Love it Aisling, looks great with the Blue dress! Thanks for the mention, really appreciate it! x

  2. You're so pretty it's depressing and all your outfits are fab! And this dress is to die for! *unfollows you from jealousy* ok not going to do this, I'm addicted to your blog x
    Btw. Omg how can you not drink tea?! I used to hate tea but when I first came here you all Irish people had this tea drinking vibe in the air. I'm shocked :o

  3. Lol was thinking of something else and me last sentence makes no sense at all, I ment that you all were spreading.this 'you shall drink tea' vibe in the air :p

  4. I really like this blue dress, it suits you great


  5. You look absolutely gorgeous in this