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3 May 2012


3rd. Something you're wearing for the first time

Jumper - Topshop
Watch - Casio
Spike Earrings - Little Nell
Stone Ring - LLYMLRS
Skull Ring - Some random shop

I took these photos really quickly before I headed out the door to work this morning. I adore this jumper - but my god I was bloody roasting in it today - out of nowhere we get 20 degree heat and sunshine. Then there's rain/thunder/lightening forecast for tomorrow - there's no making sense of it at all. I am wearing the skull ring and spike earrings for the very first time. I totally have a thing for silver jewellery atm despite being a gold-devotee for the many years.

I have good news - if you are signed up with UniDays you can get a 20% discount online at Topshop but hurry up already because the offer ends Tomorrow night at 12pm! Spending ban or not I can't miss this opportunity!

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