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21 May 2012


21st.Something from your Favourite Store

Top - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Collar Necklace - A Random Hippy Shop
Boots - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Army Jacket - Vintage

I would think I've made it kind of obvious by now - TOPSHOP is my ultimate favourite shop! [Zara is a very close second] It's shoe collections are to-die-for and they give designer labels a run for their money, the accessories section is quite literally a treasure trove and a haven for jewellery magpies like myself. And most importantly of all, the clothes are Fantastic. Always bang-on-trend, they have top quality clothes with something to suit everyone's style. This Pink Flippy skirt is a new addition to my wardrobe, it was sold out online so I ordered it off ebay for cheaper - which brings me to my only issue with Topshop - the Euro Prices! The ever-increasing prices are higher than their uk counterparts. It's actually cheaper to order clothes of the UK site rather than shopping in-store. 

Oh almost forget, their beauty range is great - I can't get enough of their nail varnishes and lipsticks!


  1. You look awesome, that skirt it's so damn gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely look! That pretty pastel pink is so pretty!
    It looks great with the leather jacket!
    Whisty Xx