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28 January 2012


Necklace - Topshop 
Watch - Casio 
Dress - A/Wear
Bag - A/Wear
Nail Varnish - NYC 
 Boots - River Island

Week One as an 'Stagaire'. Done.

Day One
I had to make a good first impression so I threw on a cream shirt, navy trousers & blazer. I even arrived early (I'm typically 5 mins late for EVERYTHING). Everyone was super friendly but I only understood the occasional word of French when we were all sitting around eating lunch. I had my first ever Thai meal. 

Oh and the best part - We have a pool table in the office.

Day Two
I spent the day getting to grips with some cool Engineering/Architecture software.  I wore my navy trousers, cream Topshop jumper and Leather jacket. I have my own desk/computer/phone at work - it makes me feel so grown-up/mature. 

I had a tasty Italien [tomato & basil linguine] for lunch. Which was followed by a game of pool. Boys v Girls. The boys won this time. Roll on round two ;)

Day Three
Another smart outfit & another Thai lunch.

Day Four
We had a party in the office after work because one of the guys recently got married. There was food & drinks. A few bottles of champagne were cracked open, Which means a tipsy game of pool ensued. Girls v Girls. I was on the winning side for a change. 

Day Five
Jeans, cream blouse and black blazer were the items of choice. I met some new friends for dinner after work. I had grilled salmon which still had its rib-cage intact. We ended the night at the James Hatfield bar - random vibes - guitars & rock posters cover the walls - and the music ranged from BEP's  "I got a feeling"  to 80's rock to dance music.

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